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LifeStyleDidIt - Purple Skies (Rnb Analog Lab V Bank)


LifeStyleDidIt - Midi Suite (Royalty Free)

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LifeStyleDidIt - Doomed Multi Kit


LifeStyleDidIt - Loveless (Analog Lab V Bank)


LifeStyleDidIt - GLOOM (Analog Lab V Bank)


LifeStyleDidIt - ETERNAL (Analog Lab V Bank)


LifeStyleDidIt - Analog Lab Bank Bundle


LifeStyleDidIt - Resupply Drum Kit


LifeStyleDidIt - Broken Hearts Drum Kit


LifeStyleDidIt - Beautiful Souls Omnisphere Bank


LifeStyleDidIt - Omnisphere Bank Bundle


LifeStyleDidIt - All Kits Bundle

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Royalty Free Vocal Samples?

✅140+ Vocal phrases/runs

✅Dry vocals + processed

⭐100% Royalty Free

✅Works In Any DAW

✅No VST required

✅Wav. file format

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