Mix Quality

• Industry Quality

• Loud Punchy Tracks

• Crispy Vocal

• Professional Sound


1 Song Mix/Master – $150.00
(without vocal edits / autotune)

1 Song Mix/Master – $200.00
(with vocal edits / autotune)

Frequently asked questions

At the bottom of the page, you will fill out the form. Once received, I will email you to get the process started. I will invoice you via paypal first. Once cleared, I ask that you send a zip. folder via (dropbox, google drive, we transfer,etc) I will need the wav. trackouts of the vocals and beat (if possible) please leave headroom -6db is good! As long as nothing is clipping. Please make sure the tracks are easily named in the folder. Please delete all the additional name info (just having it say vocal main, 808, snare, etc) saves me a lot of time. 

After payment is completed, there is a 48-72 hour turn around for the mix.

I dedicate myself to 100% customer satisfaction. I have 7 years of mixing and engineer experience. I teach it everyday on my YouTube channel and have built a rapport on the internet for mixing. But just scroll down and check out the mixes.

I allow a maximum of 30 wav. files per beat mix. If there are more than 30, additional pricing comes into play.

Currently I am only accepting paypal. I send a paypal invoice for the beat mixing service.

I will send you a zip. folder containing the following. 1 Master wav. file of the mix (mix and mastered loud). Also the trackouts wav. file with headroom (they will sound exactly like the master file but I leave the limiter/clipper off the master so there is headroom from 0) it’s good to have the trackouts with headroom.

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