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@Producertab shares his experience with the consultation 

@Mainzeption shares his experience with the consultation 

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1 on 1 Consultation Review (VenomBeats)

"I wanted to ask Lifestyle a few questions on production tips and get some real, useable feedback on my beats. The service and advice is everything you would expect from a pro beat maker. I recommend to anyone looking for a sanity check on their music and learn some new tricks"   -Venom Beats -

1 on 1 Consultation Review (Mako)

So I copped a Skype sesh from Lifestyle. It was definitely worth the $! The game you get for the price is unbelievable!
You are allowed to ask whatever. "It's your hour" is how he put it after a mini conversation that we opened up with before we got to the session.
It just felt like I was talking to the homie. I mainly needed the session because i had a lot of questions that I couldn't find a direct answer to online. So if you find yourself kinda confused on something, or just want a direct method used by someone that is doing what you want to do, I definitely recommend copping the Skype session.
I left that chat feeling empowered and confident. I was able to apply that knowledge and finish up my site! He helped me get the ball rolling on my business, and as more questions come up, i will find myself coming back to lifestyle for that game!
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