LifeStyleDidIt – Old Royals (Loop Kit)

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The Old Royals Loop Kit by LifeStyleDidIt embodies 25 original loops created by LifeStyleDidIt. As I got deeper into creating these loops, I started to notice a pattern of emotion they made me feel. The processing and re sampling was giving them a “old, ancient royalty vibe” (best way I can explain it). I used a lot flutes, pianos, strings and vocals to create the loops!

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25 High Quality WAV file Loops

•Drag and drop (tempo/key included)

*LifeStyleDidIt is entitled a royalty/performance split percentage (25%) if any of these samples / loops are used in a beat that gets placed with a major artist and / or major label.


-Can I sell beats that I make with these loops? – Yes!

-Do I have to credit you on normal beat sales or split profits with you if it is NOT a major artist/label or a song that is doing large numbers? – No! Keep all profit from your normal sales.

-What if the artist isn’t signed but the song blows up? – LifeStyle is still entitled to the % split

-How do I contact you if the beat gets placed or a song with the loops starts doing large numbers? –Please contact by email:

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4 reviews for LifeStyleDidIt – Old Royals (Loop Kit)

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    Some of the best samples/loops🙏🏼

  2. Avatar

    Anthony Vincin

    The quality on this one is craaaazy! Definitely a must buy for those who require some nice ass samples!

  3. Avatar


    Placement ready loops! Buy this kit and you’ll start climbing the charts in no time!!!

  4. Avatar


    Lifestyle did it again!! Loop kit is crazy got me immediately inspired definitely worth the cop !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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