LifeStyleDidIt – Mini Bag (V.1


The Mini Bag  series by LifeStyleDidIt was created to give extreme value for the lowest cost. This series will always include 5 exclusive loops created by LifeStyle BUT each kit will have different surprises (various drums, midi, tips, presets, etc) to keep it fun!

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Product Details:
• 5 High Quality WAV file Loops
• 5 Kicks
• 5 808’s
• 5 HH Midi
• 16 Foley FX
• 2 Risers

Preview The Loops

*LifeStyleDidIt is entitled to a royalty/performance split percentage if any of these samples / loops are used in a beat that gets placed with a major artist and / or major label.


-Can I sell beats that I make with these loops? – Yes!
-Do I have to credit you on normal beat sales or split profits with you if it is NOT a major artist/label or a song that is doing large numbers? – No! Keep all profit from your normal sales.
-What if the artist isn’t signed but the song blows up? – LifeStyle is still entitled to the % split
-How do I contact you if the beat gets placed or a song with the loops starts doing large numbers? –Please contact by email:


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