LifeStyleDidIt – Axiom (Loop Kit)

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The Axiom Loop Kit by LifeStyleDidIt embodies 30 original loops created by LifeStyleDidIt. Full of variety, this pack brings melodic guitar, flute, bell, and ambient samples. I crafted each sample to fit with the current styles of beats our favorite rappers love to get on!

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Product Details:
30 High Quality WAV file Loops

•Drag and drop (tempo/key included)

*LifeStyleDidIt is entitled a royalty/performance split percentage (25%) if any of these samples / loops are used in a beat that gets placed with a major artist and / or major label.


-Can I sell beats that I make with these loops? – Yes!

-Do I have to credit you on normal beat sales or split profits with you if it is NOT a major artist/label or a song that is doing large numbers? – No! Keep all profit from your normal sales.

-What if the artist isn’t signed but the song blows up? – LifeStyle is still entitled to the % split

-How do I contact you if the beat gets placed or a song with the loops starts doing large numbers? –Please contact by email:

Preview Some Of The Loops


1 review for LifeStyleDidIt – Axiom (Loop Kit)

  1. slaughterbeatz190

    slaughterbeatz190 (verified owner)

    Not one bad loop in this kit! Definitely worth the money!

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